Hen Parties in Liverpool

Are you a group of 10 or more? Book a hen party with FunnyBoyz for ANY Liverpool date in 2024, 2025 and beyond! 
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Drag Queens love all groups and Parties, even hens (believe it or not) haha, except when they get overexcited – usually under the influence of alcohol and when things don’t go 100% to the plan.

We know party organisers thrive for perfection. They want it to be the best night of the bride’s life, (and so do we, trust me, we are Number 1 in the UK for a reason!) …but…sometimes, (very rare), but sometimes, issues pop up. In this rare situation, it must be noted, that we will NOT tolerate any verbal abuse or bad behaviour towards our drag queens. 

FunnyBoyz is a designated “Safe Space” for the Queer community of Liverpool. We are proud to provide regular paid work to more LGBTQ people than any other club in the UK, more than 100. We are proud of our diversity employing dozens of people with mental health issues such as Autism, ADHD and many more. We are ‘home’ to dozens of Gay, Trans and Non-Binary people who like our colleagues with mental health issues, could struggle to get paid work elsewhere…when did you last see a Drag Queen working the till at Tesco haha

We believe that no workplace should accept abuse from a customer, but at FunnyBoyz, we must be EXTRA EXTRA confident that our team are not put under any undue stress, or,  anxiety and for that reason, we operate an…


What could be a minor issue to you “dinner taking too long to arrive”, “a structural beam impairing your view”, or an issue with drinks maybe?” Indeed, anything that may cause undue anxiety or distraction for the Queens or Event Team is considered unacceptable.

Lastly, Drag Queens will also not be ‘Grabbed or Groped’.   What may seem fun to Squeeze our breastplates or touch our bottoms, or in some cases our genitalia! (yep this happens at least once at every show) you will be asked to leave immediately without consultation. Nobody has the right to touch anybody’s private areas without consentWe queens guarantee that we will not touch yoursand we ask you to do the same. 

Groups of Hens, Birthday celebrators and indeed all, who are looking for a fun night out are very welcome, but please remember FunnyBoyz is not only our workplace… it is our HOMEIt is our SAFE-SPACE and the well-being of our Queens, will ALWAYS take precedence over issues such as food, seating, drinks or indeed anything that may crop up on the night. 

In the extremely unlikely event that you encounter such an issue that cannot be resolved with the shift supervisors, no matter how big or small you must take it up with the office during work hours via email, NOT at the club or the event. 

More importantly, NEVER, under any circumstances bring the queens into a dispute over, food, drinks, seats or any venue-related issue. As well as causing unfair anxiety to the queens, it will delay the show which is a red line for us.  

Please respect our drag queens, our event team, and our LGBTO+ venue at all times. 

Hen Parties/Groups are always welcome, until such time our team feel uncomfortable, and then they will be asked to leave immediately.


➡️ Bottomless Food and Drinks for 90 mins 
➡️ Best Seats available
➡️ Guaranteed Seats together
➡️ Shots for everybody
➡️ Photo Shoot with the Queens
➡️ Meet & Greets with the Queens
➡️ Shout Outs and Fuss made for the Party Girl
➡️ Table Decorations and Balloons
➡️ Funnyboyz Party Bag filled with Merch for the Hen/Birthday Girl

Hen parties only happen once (hopefully lol), so it’s best to make it extra special & be sure they have the best night of your life!

ONLY AVAILABLE IN LIVERPOOL: Click here to find your Liverpool event and select the hen party package option!

Drag Queens love Hen Parties, except when the hens get a little overexcited – usually under the influence of alcohol and sometimes when things don’t go completely to plan.

We know hen organisers thrive for perfection as they want it to be the best night of the hen’s night but sometimes things will go wrong and we will NOT tolerate any verbal abuse or bad behaviour towards any of our drag queens. 

In the unlikely event that you have any issues on the night, no matter how big or small you must take them up with the office during work hours via email.

Please respect our drag queens and LGBTO+ venue, Hen Parties are very welcome, but not when they become abusive and they will be asked to leave immediately. The drag queen always has the final say.

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