Our team at FunnyBoyz is bubbly, fun & love to entertain! We will ensure you have THE best time on your night out, whatever FunnyBoyz you're at. Across all FB venues, you may spot Linda Gold and Dys Alexia, as they travel back and forth in all the venues, but we also have residents who resign at one or two of the venues, and you will definitely catch them there!

Our Team


Paul Aleksandr

Antonina Nutshell

Tequila Thirst

Carmen Sutra

Claudia Cockfrock

Krissy Friday

Tilly Cums

Imani Versace Blaze

Linda Bacardi

Violetta J'Adore


Fonda Cox

Lola Fierce

Sissy Lea

Candy Heals

Bella Donna


Dys Alexia

Carnelia Flame

Leigh Ding

Tania LeCoq

Anna Toni

Linda Gold